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Steven Seagal Called Me a Faggot and All I Got Was This Job on ‘Breaking Bad’

…ll apparently they’ve got an open-door policy for assholes!!!” I never saw Steven Seagal again. It’s probably best, we were clearly incompatible. I learned another lesson: Hollywood can be ugly (even in New Mexico); it’s full of ego and superiority. Don’t get caught up in it. After a few more years of production and self-discovery, I started working on a little unknown TV show being shot in Albuquerque. The production designer told me we were abou…

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Pyragraph LIVE from the Albuquerque Press Club - Pyragraph

Pyragraph LIVE from the Albuquerque Press Club: Steven J Westman The Curious Townie visits and updates us on the 505 Faces project

…soviet satellite, hosts Peri Pakroo and Clarke Condé spoke with an expert, Steven J Westman, at the Albuquerque Press Club to address complex geopolitical questions like who he is and what he has been up to lately. Steven, who is the longtime author of The Curious Townie column, updates us on the 505 Faces project which he helped photographer Wes Naman organize and execute: a comprehensive collection of photography and interviews taken during a mo…

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Pyragraph 1st Anniversary Extravaganza

Highlights from One Year of Pyragraph: 10 Must-Read Posts

…ng into the film industry. As the title of his post suggests, working with Steven Seagal was…an adventure. Your First Hollywood Script Meeting: Take The Bottled Water by screenplay writer Scott Milder gives great tips on how to make the most of your script evaluation once you’ve gotten your foot in the door in LA. How To Book A Tour: A Timeline by musician Shenandoah Davis offers indispensable advice to any musician, whether it’s your first trip a…

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Kaatje Gotcha by Clarke Conde - Pyragraph

Comedy Changes Everything: How Doing Stand-up Changed My Life

…to storytelling. That night, I did an outrageous 15 minutes on terrorists, Steven Seagal and weed. I had a setback and was bedridden for two full weeks, then finally made it to Back Alley again. The comedian community welcomed me back fiercely, as if I had never left. My biggest mistake in these early days was, paradoxically, writing 343 jokes. I’ve always been a numbers person, so I failed, at first, to see how it’s about improving on delivery an…

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The Accidental Filmmaker

…ut very famous filmmakers and how they got their start. The first is about Steven Spielberg, who as a teenager in Scottsdale, Arizona used to run around with his parents’ 8mm camera making “adventure” movies with his friends. The other is about weak and sickly Martin Scorsese, hiding out from the street toughs of his gritty New York neighborhood by ducking into movie theaters and thereby discovering the cinematic wonders of Rossellini, Bergman, Po…

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Amelia Ampuero in SEND.

Why Filmmakers Should Learn to Love the Theater

…idea, but nothing really came to me. Then I saw Amelia Ampuero in Trust by Steven Dietz, at the inaugural performance of her theater company, Duke City Repertory Theatre. There’s one scene where her character discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her, and she goes off on him — yelling, throwing glasses, the works. The intensity Amelia brought to the scene was stunning. It was her eyes that grabbed me. I immediately knew that I wanted to do a…

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Now - new 1lluminati - Pyragraph

Technology and Career Trends for Artists in 2017 and Beyond

…h the STEAM movement as well as the International Baccalaureate program.   Steven Tepper recently mused about careers for artists living in our new gig economy. Via the blog of the National Endowment for the Arts he argues, “Artists must be central to conversations about this ‘new’ world of employment,” and that arts schools and programs should make “entrepreneurship and other business skills a requirement of study, not just an option, an elective…

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The End of the Road - Pyragraph

How to Keep Perspective When You’re Living the Movie You’re Making

Photo by Steven Marx. Tai Uhlmann is a filmmaker and the director of The End of the Road, a feature film that is currently being crowdfunded on Seed&Spark. Filmmakers tell stories they are passionate about. They make films about what they know. I have directed two films and am directing my third. I have always chosen subjects that are of a community I am close to or part of. For my first film, Bad Jews in My Kitchen, I interviewed Jewish lesbians…

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AJ Woods - Pyragraph

Music Makers: AJ Woods on Recording, Favorite Bands and Vulgar Venues

…book. On the recordings: I recorded T​he Fence​ mostly at KUNM’s Studio A. Steven Nery engineered the recordings with support from Roman Garcia. It was recorded mostly live, all in one evening, and with accompaniment from my friends Alex McMahon, Greg Williams, and Meredith Wilder. Movement in the Grass ​was recorded entirely live at UNM’s Keller Hall, and was engineered by Drake Hardin with support from Manny Rettinger. Greg Williams and Meredith…

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Self-Employed Happy Hour Season Finale - Pyragraph

Self-Employed Happy Hour Podcast: Awkward Holiday Office Party & Season Finale Our sloppy free-for-all holiday party to wrap 2014

…d duels! We also talk with 516 ARTS‘ Suzanne Sbarge and The Curious Townie Steven J Westman about more art and creative happenings in New Mexico! It was a blowout! Watch our site and our Facebook page for photos from JAK Media‘s Kendra Crooks and Austin Madrid. Thanks Kendra and Austin! Host Peri Pakroo is joined by Pyragraph Editors Sage Harrington, Josh Stuyvesant, Jeremy Kinter and Eva Avenue. Happy holidays everyone! We’ll be back in mid-Janua…

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Jamie Hill - Pyragraph

Tips From the Independent Producer: Get It Out There

Photo by Steven Coutts. As an independent producer/engineer, I work in a lot of different capacities on a lot of different types of projects. Sometimes I’m just putting a mix on something someone else has recorded, and sometimes I’m intimately involved with every aspect of a project from a piano/vocal demo through to mastering. Most projects fall somewhere between those two extremes, and as such I’ve gotten to work with a lot of different types o…

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I Can’t Tell Which Job Is My Side Job

…” as a writer. If you ever bump into someone famous, like David Sedaris or Steven King, be sure to ask. As for me, I don’t consider myself famous, nor would I say that I’ve “made it” as a writer. But it’s all relative, I suppose. I remember the first time I was ever paid to write. I was living in Chicago and had become friends with a great guy, named Jay Blumenfeld. Jay is owner of Smart Alex, a fabulously hilarious greeting card company. Jay had…

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Social network by Dani Alvarez - Pyragraph

The Social Network and the Art of the Hobnob Minus Jesse Eisenberg becoming a billionaire, plus all the awkwardness

…y does too, and it’s okay to have a drink or two or four. I don’t know who Steven Forbes is, but I know he’s rich and supposedly smart so we should listen to him. Forbes Magazine has a list of eight points that tell me the “right way” to network. If there really is a right way I assume that Stevie knows it, but actually, only two of his eight points are helpful to me, because I am an artist, and not “in Finance,” as they say. Forbes says it’s impo…

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Aaron J. Shay - Pyragraph

Sci-Fi and Folk: They’re Not Mutually Exclusive

…ures some of his folkier arrangements. Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar & Grille by Steven Brust is a sci-fi novel from the ’90s told from the perspective of folk musicians. Around since the late 1950s, there’s also “filk,” an entire sub-genre of fan-created folk, primarily focused on sci-fi and fantasy. And, of course, the original series of Star Trek played around with the idea of folk music in space. Folk Culture is writing a song and then sharing it wi…

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Daphne Stanford - Pyragraph

Writers: How to Thrive in 5 Easy Steps Don't just survive, thrive!

…James Tate. See? It’s all connected. Look at David Berman, Patti Smith or Steven Morrissey. All three write outstanding lyrics that could double as poetry—and sometimes do, in Berman’s case with his poetry collection Actual Air. Lately, I find myself thinking more and more about how to incorporate music and visual art into my poetic endeavors, since much of the art that really moves me is auditory or visual in nature. This brings me to the next p…

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James Judd in repose

The 5 Essential Books You Need to Write Your Essay or Solo Show

…-through and then onto the bookshelf to be forgotten. 1. The War on Art by Steven Pressfield This magnificent little book is a game-changer. We all procrastinate. We all throw stumbling blocks in our own way. Pressfield provides an astonishing amount of insight into why we do this to ourselves, and how to get over it with remarkable brevity. Before you even finish it I’m certain you’ll be back at work. Sometimes just randomly turning to a page and…

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