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Aaron J. Shay  is a writer, performer, and musician from the Pacific Northwest. An active and independent recording artist, Shay has self- and co-produced 8 EPs since 2010, some for his own projects and some for his friends and collaborators. More recently, he has been active in theater, writing/producing two one-man singer-songwriter shows, and also serving as musical director for fringe productions. Shay currently lives in Seattle, WA, where he doesn’t mind the weather.

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Rock concert - Pyragraph

So You’ve Got a White Supremacist in the Audience

Staying silent is a way of obeying the rules and protecting yourself while doing nothing to address the bigotry on display in front of you. Every day that a bigot thinks they can get away with their hatred in public is another day they can influence others to their way of thinking.

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Brutus - David - Pyragraph

Art is Political Because Life is Political

Everything we touch and use in this world has been affected by the choices of businesses, governments, activist groups and individual people. The instruments we play our music on, our paints and canvases, the plays that we read from, the books that we publish.

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Aaron J. Shay - Pyragraph

The Musician and The Performer

When there are established expectations, you can use that expectation as part of your art. You can distort it. You can reject it. You can play with it. An audience’s expectation of you is material you can shape, and you don’t have to follow the instruction booklet.

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