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As a freelance writer, Amanda Kooser has covered everything from space-geckos to Route 66 for publications including CNET and New Mexico Magazine. When not busy as a journalism scribe, she toodles around in a 1956 DeSoto, trains in Aikido, and gardens. Amanda is also writing a series of mystery novels with her mother, called The Hardy Women’s Society Mysteries. She has released three Americana albums under the name Edith Grove and currently plays with The Dawn Hotel.

Posts by Amanda C. Kooser

Amanda Kooser in front of her computer setup - Pyragraph

My Cheap-Ass Freelance Life

I’m a certified (certifiable?) cheapskate when it comes to my business as a freelance writer in journalism and creative writing. Freelancing has been a lean-times/fat-times endeavor over the years, and it’s the ghost of the lean times that still shapes my financial habits.

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Amanda Kooser gazes lovingly at Submittable's front page - Pyragraph

Dear Submittable, My Sweetness

Submittable, you remind me of bones bleached against the gypsum sands of New Mexico, where time and wind mark the passing of the hours, days, weeks, months since I submitted my creative nonfiction personal essay to The Gettysburg Review.

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