Author: Anya Shevelyuk

Anya Shevelyuk grew up being in the spotlight. From the very beginning, she was dancing around and putting on mini-shows for her family in Russia. After moving to America, Anya began taking ballet and theatre performance classes and has performed in dozens of shows. At the age of 18 she moved to Kansas City where she was reintroduced to circus! Anya was so inspired and still longed to be in front of an audience. 22 seemed a bit late, but she began practicing aerial, contortion and hand balancing for hours every day. After a year, her body was doing things she could have never imagined! During this time Anya received my degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis on Health and Fitness. She currently teaches aerial hoop, flexibility, trapeze and vinyasa yoga as well as performs aerial and contortion. Anya enjoys writing on the side and aspires to motivate and inspire others.