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Clarke Condé is a photographer, New York expatriate, and Pyragraph’s Managing Editor (though not necessarily in that order). He has held high positions at lowly publications in New York, but has settled in Albuquerque, New Mexico to live the simple life of a food and folk photographer. His hobbies include washing dishes, rewashing dishes and throwing out perfectly good food. You can see more of his work at his website or in his latest book, Work in Rochester.

Posts by Clarke Condé

Hillary Clinton by Clarke Conde - Pyragraph

Backstory: Photographing Hillary

I began to understand some of the day-to-day challenges of the job of being a politician and I really began to feel sorry for Ms. Clinton. She must have had to do this same photo shoot with a pack of locals in damn near every county in New York.

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Mark Beck, painter - Pyragraph

What’s Your Deal, Mark Beck?

Mark Beck is an American painter whose work draws from the landscapes of this country and echoes in the tradition established by the great nineteenth century Hudson River School. I sat down with Mark to talk about painting and the changing economics of being a painter in America.

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