Author: Elaine Avila

Elaine Avila’s plays are produced around the world including Central America (Teatro Lagartija, National Theatre of Panamá); Canada (Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation, Theatre SKAM); New York City (Ontological-Hysteric Theatre, Hybrid Theatre Works, Occupy the Empty Space); the US; France (upcoming); and London, England (Tracey Neuls, Nordic Nomad). Her recent plays include Jane Austen, Action Figure; Quality: the Shoe Play, and La Frontera/The Border. She also recently contributed to 24 Gun Control Plays She has received numerous awards including the Victoria Critic’s Circle award for Best New Play, numerous awards from the Canada Council, and Best Production/Audience Favorite at Festival de Cocos. She has taught in universities from British Columbia to Tasmania, China to Panamá. She has published in No Passport Press (Jane Austen Action Figure and other Plays, 2012), Canadian Theatre Review, American Theater, Contemporary Theatre Review, and Lusitania. She is the former Endowed Chair and Head of the MFA Program in Dramatic Writing at the University of New Mexico, founder of the LEAP Playwriting Program at the Arts Club Theater, and currently a Playwrights Theatre Center Associate.