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Cloacas - Pyragraph

Music Makers: Cloacas

We began the piece in an atonal modal G# minor which happens to be four whole steps down from the actual key of the song. After a collective “gasp” the entire wedding party demanded that we be removed from the ceremonies.

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PR -Photo by Clarke Condé - Pyragraph

You Don’t Need a Publicist (for real)

Guest Blogger Judy Miller Silverman says: “I am trying to save you from that fate of wasted time and money and full-tilt depression. Go DIY before you DIE. You are not alone in having the proverbial doors slammed in your face while trying to build your project.”

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Gabrielle Louise - Pyragraph

Music Makers: Gabrielle Louise

Tracking this way leaves you very little control for editing or fixing later, since there ends up being a lot of mic bleed between the guitar and vocal mics. You have to just be happy with the humanity of it.

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Eryn Bent - Pyragraph

Music Makers: Eryn Bent

This was my fourth tour through the Pacific Northwest, and to see people from New Mexico in both Washington and Oregon was comforting and reassuring. I’m such a workaholic, and to see it pay off, even in the littlest of ways, is my fuel.

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