Author: Jaclyn Roessel

Jaclyn Roessel was born and raised on the Navajo Nation. An alumnus from Arizona State University, she was the inaugural recipient of the Arizona Humanities Rising Star Award in 2013, which is given to young professionals whose work elevates the importance of humanities in the community. She's been named one of Phoenix 100 Creatives You Should Know. Working in the museum field for over the past decade, and most recently as the Director of Decolonizing Initiatives at the San Diego Museum of Man, Roessel confirmed her belief in the power of utilizing cultural learning as a tool to engage and build stronger Native communities. She is the president of Grownup Navajo, a company dedicated to sharing how Native American teachings and values are tools to help build greater cultural competency in museums and other nonprofit organizations. Through all her work, Roessel aims to expand her work to further inspire Native people to use their traditional knowledge as a catalyst to create change in our communities today. Roessel lives with her husband and son in Santa Ana Pueblo. Profile photo by Hannah Manuelito.