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About Jessica DuVerneay

Jessica DuVerneay is a surly optimist/happy pessimist who likes to help people find answers to their questions and tell crazy self-deprecating stories. She spends her days at her dream job as an Information Architect for The Understanding Group. If she can make you laugh, freak you out, teach you something, or learn something herself — it’s been a good day.

In previous lives, DuVerneay has been a teacher, artist, library manager and art gallery owner. When not vehemently cursing the San Fernando Valley where she currently lives as an agoraphobic shut-in, DuVerneay organizes conferences, rides a pedal bike, reads books, face-plants in yoga class, parties hard, writes clunky personal narratives, teaches workshops, sets goals, and makes bomb-ass vegan food then posts photos of it to Facebook like an annoying jerk. When she grows up she’d like to be a cross between Etgar Keret, Dorthea Tanning, R. Crumb, all her close friends, her niece Elise, and some other people she forgot while writing this paragraph but will remember later. She dislikes most animals.

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