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Lexie Lu is a freelance UX designer and blogger. She enjoys researching the latest design trends and always has a cup of coffee nearby. She manages Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

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Lorenzo Cafaro - Pyragraph

7 Tips for Solid, Effective Web Design

When you were learning design, professors likely told you to watch your color palettes, fonts and contrast. But don’t forget: The simplest things like button placement and choice of content features can make all the difference in whether or not a design works.

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Lu - Steinar La Engeland - Pyragraph

How Music Affects My Designs

Each type of music seems to have its own effect on me. For that reason, I don’t let iTunes play random music from my far-too-large library. Instead, I pick the music for the task at hand and then get to work.

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