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Marisa Demarco is a journalist, performer and event curator based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She performs booty bass noise around the country as Bigawatt and is a member of: steampunk act The Ladies’ Society of Grenadiers, desert noise collective Death Convention Singers, pranksters The Jeebies, the wig-wearing 5 Star Motelles, performance art troupe Milch de la Máquina and more. She is the organizer of Gatas y Vatas solo weirdo women’s music fest. Demarco also co-founded online news and culture outlet the New Mexico Compass.

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Chicharra by Eliza Lutz - Pyragraph

Chicharra on Chicharra

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I asked all the members of Chicharra, a band I’m in, to come up with three questions for another player. And it’s like they’ve been giving interviews their whole lives. Their curiosity about the nuances of how music is made, how the other people in our band-fam experience practice and performance, was so spot-on. I loved hearing them talk shop.

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