Author: Mary Schmidt

A New Mexico native, Mary is a proud Corporate America refugee. She uses the skills and lessons learned in her big poobah corporate career to help entrepreneurs turn ideas into reality. She can be the occasional buzz kill, practicing tough love here and there to keep her clients from ugly crash and burns (It's great to burn the box, but you first need the damned thing in order to burn it.) Her clients have ranged from string quartets and artists to global corporations such as Hewlett-Packard. She loves problem-solving, and does some of her best thinking and producing in a crisis. Mary's original career goal (way, way back before PCs and design software) was to be a commercial artist. Sadly, she realized that she would never be more than thoroughly mediocre. She subsequently accumulated more liberal arts credits than pretty much anyone else on the planet in her quest to figure out how to save the world and not starve while doing so. Her creative outlets these days include photography, multi-media art, and — ahem — writing.