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Rennie Sparks looks forward to the May, 2013 release of The Handsome Family’s new CD, Wilderness, as well as its companion book of essays and art, all concerning eels, wildebeest, octopi, woodpeckers and the like.

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The Handsome Family

Tour Brain

Woe to the musician lost in endless halls, quietly trying her room key in a hundred locked doors, one after the next.

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Rennie Sparks on playing shitty venues - Pyragraph

Do It Anyway

The point of this story is not to encourage you to play every beer store or to boast about our huge fan base of terminally ill people.

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Merch table by ramsey beyer

Merch Table Basics

It may feel awkward actually taking money from your fans. Get over it. This money helps you keep going. Every purchase is a vote to keep your music alive.

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