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I’m a professional guitar maker and artist who lives in Akune, Japan. I teach English part-time during the week at Akune Jr. High school and rarely pass a weeknight or weekend without working at guitar-building in my kobo to fill custom guitar orders. If such a thing as a weeknight or weekend without working on custom guitar orders existed, I would probably spend it yellowtail and halibut fishing with friends. Painting, drawing, making sculpture and writing round out the kinds of making I’m keeping busy with. I play a little guitar too. Belief system: Cultivate the world into a better place through self-transformation and self-discovery by making things, and teaching people how to make things.

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Fish box (torobako) guitars by Stephen Faulk - Pyragraph

Torobako (Fish Box) Guitar Shop: A Primer

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All I wanted to do was make a cigar box-style guitar, and in this town there were no cigar boxes to be found. The next best box to find for free were the torobako, the crates used to ship sanma from northern Japan to southern ports.

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