Democratic AF - Pyragraph

Democratic AF Pilot Episode Featuring Billy McCall Peri and Billy talk political grief and making art about it

| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 2 Comments

Host Peri Pakroo talks with Billy McCall about his new book, Four-Year Depression, shitshow politics, and using art to build new concepts and new realities.

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Native Women Lead conference, photo by Jonathan Sims - Pyragraph

Native Women Lead: The Movement

| Santa Ana Pueblo, US | | 3 Comments

We believe we can leverage our social capital to inspire allies to support our vision for a future where the lives of Native women are no longer at risk and we have no more stolen sisters.

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F*ck Happiness: How Women Are Ditching the Cult of Positivity and Choosing Radical Joy - Pyragraph

From ‘Bluebird’ to ‘F*ck Happiness’: A Publishing Story

| | 1 Comment

We are hoping that we can recover these fumbles and reach a new generation of women. For this reason, we also took the time to modernize language and thinking about gender within the book, to include nonbinary and transgender people.

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John Fugelsang on Pyragraph LIVE - Pyragraph

Pyragraph LIVE: John Fugelsang

| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 0 Comments

John Fugelsang is in Albuquerque to perform “Unpresidented: The true story of a comedian trying to raise a toddler while his country was electing one” and we were lucky enough to get him into the Pyragraph LIVE studio (a.k.a. my office) to talk about comedy, politics, religion, and how he’s pulled all those elements and more into his unique creative career. 

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Valerie Roybal is living as an artist with terminal cancer - Pyragraph

Transforming Catastrophe Living as an Artist with Cancer


There are so many things in our lives that might be considered “incurable” or terrifying, why not work with them?

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Welcome to SOMOS - Pyragraph

SOMOS: ‘We Are’ Taking Over Downtown ABQ


I loved SOMOS because it wasn’t just aimed at adults. I love downtown, but I’m in middle school, and downtown there are a lot of bars and not a lot for kids. SOMOS had both. They had a beer garden for adults and fun installations and booths for both adults and kids!

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Hobo Vodka, Americana on the Rocks - Pyragraph

No One Knows Anything About New Mexico A chat with Marcella Ortega, the Latina David Sedaris

| New York, NY | | 0 Comments

I’m recording stories from my life that I find most entertaining and maybe it’s at the expense of other people but I’m not using anyone’s real name. I am a bit worried how I’m portraying myself and my family reading it ’cause I think they’ll be scandalized or concerned by it.

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Emilie De Angelis and Maggie Byers of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America - Peri Pakroo, Author and Coach

Gun Sense Now! Maggie Byers and Emilie De Angelis of Moms Demand Action NM

| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 0 Comments

After last week’s tragedy in Parkland, Florida, I reached out to Maggie Byers and Emilie De Angelis of Moms Demand Action NM to talk about recent developments on the gun control front. Moms Demand Action is a bi-partisan grassroots organization fighting the epidemic of gun violence in the US.

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Dome by Viviana Paredes, photo by Julio Martinez - Pyragraph

Tequila Bottle Houses and Border Relations: Interview with Viviana Paredes

| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 0 Comments

It is a both an opportunity and a personal commitment to use my place as an artist to make art that is both visually pleasing while telling important stories about my cultural experience as a Chicana, as an environmental feminist, and as a member of the human race. My existence is my resistance.

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Coffee + Creatives Job Listings - Pyragraph

Coffee + Creatives Job Listings: 1.8.18

| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 0 Comments

Welcome to the inaugural Coffee + Creatives Job Listings! We are pleased to bring you the latest in gigs, jobs, and funding for creatives around the world. Jobs and funding opportunities included in our listings tend to be flexible and/or remote, though we will include some from our home state of New Mexico.

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Scale of Sexual Predation by Inga Muscio - Pyragraph

Scale of Sexual Predation


We are close to something truly sprawling and ugly, so the big monsters are inundating us with lesser demons. In the spirit of keeping our attention on what’s really behind that flash flood, I created this Scale of Sexual Predation.

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ABQ Zine Fest Seven - Pyragraph

Build a New World with Zines

| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 0 Comments

Zine fests make small cracks in the foundation of authoritarian, nationalist, dictatorial power that hides under progress of the digital age.

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Nightly Noodle Monthly by Eva Avenue - Pyragraph

Fast Heart Mart Out with New Book on US Music Tour

| New York, NY | | 1 Comment

As long as I’ve been a fan, Martin has said the same thing: “If you choose a path to fall back on, you will.” Martin is balls to the wall.

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Jennifer Angus, In the Midnight Garden, Renwick Gallery, 2015 - Pyragraph

Insects, Both Patterned and Chaotic: ‘Cross Pollination’ at 516 ARTS Part 2 of 2: Interview with Jennifer Angus

| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 1 Comment

I have observed that many people dislike insects but when formed into patterns, a kind of ordered control is established. It puts people at ease. Isn’t that what man has always sought to do? We want to control Mother Nature.

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A Better Nectar Installation - Pyragraph

A Journey for the Senses: ‘Cross Pollination’ at 516 ARTS Part 1 of 2: Interview with Jessica Rath

| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 1 Comment

The works of both Rath and Angus have been shaped by direct interactions with nature and science, a desire to understand insects more deeply and a commitment to advance the discourses around current dangers facing the natural world.

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Yuansu VII-Beehand V2 by Ren Ri - Pyragraph

Reflections on Pollinator Patterns of Life Across Art and Science Interview with artist and educator Porter Swentzell

| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 0 Comments

As observers of the natural world, artists and scientists find new audiences and new grounds to discuss and create in the face of a changing environment and impacts to pollinator populations. As pollinators end up on the endangered species list, is our humanity the result of our inhumanity?

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