Greetings fair Community Bloggers (and those considering contributing).

Below are some documents with info about contributing to Pyragraph. Questions? Ask Peri Pakroo.

  • Community Blogger Guidelines and Query Form: This document is a good place to start if you’re considering writing for us. It gives the full lowdown from our editorial scope to topic ideas to rights. If you would like to submit a query, you can use the Query Form on this page.
  • Community Blogger Acceptance of Terms, Profile Info and Submission Guidelines: If we’ve accepted you as a Community Blogger, we’ll direct you here to fill out our basic agreement. And before we can publish your first post, we’ll need profile info from you. You’ll enter it here. This page also offers formatting and other guidelines on submitting your posts. (Password required; ask your editor.)
  • Promoting Your Posts through Social Media: We love it when our contributors share their posts on social media. Here are some basic tips for doing just that. (Password required; ask your editor.)
  • House Style Guide. Mostly you don’t have to worry about the finer points of copyediting and our style guidelines; we have our editors worry about that stuff. But if you want to edumacate yourself, you are welcome to review our Pyragraph House Style Guide. (Password required; ask your editor.) Bless your heart!
  • New Contributor FAQ. The 411 for new bloggers. (Password required; ask your editor.)

To submit a new post, either email it to Peri or be our guinea pig and use this handy, yet still-in-development form (password required; ask your editor).