Complaints Form - Pyragraph

Pyragraph’s Complaints Department accepts complaints of a wide-ranging nature: complaints against neighbors, politicians, the weather, the Trump world order, Radiohead’s latest album, accepted principles of physics, your muse, objectionable material posted at Pyragraph or other media outlets, or other grievances. Please use the form below.

We may publish your Complaint. By clicking “Submit” you give Pyragraph permission to publish your complaint in its entirety, or edited.

You may also submit a voicemail Complaint at 562-646-6725. By leaving a voicemail you give Pyragraph permission to publish the recording of your voice in its entirety, or edited.

If you include names of anyone other than public figures in your complaint, we may redact them if we decide to publish your complaint. 

Pyragraph reserves the right not to publish any complaint submitted by form or by voicemail.


  • Please enter a title for your complaint.
  • Please state your complaint.