Operation Outfox Facebook

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Why Do We Want to Outfox Facebook?

Listen, Facebook has been pretty good to us. We aren’t complainers, really. But increasingly over the last weeks and months, Pyragraph—and everyone else who has relied on consistent traffic from Facebook—is seeing their traffic tank. Facebook changed their algorithm so Pyragraph posts are not showing up in feeds. Facebook wants Pages like ours to pay for exposure; if you don’t “Boost” posts by paying fees, they largely go invisible.

This is a fine and sensible business decision for Facebook. But Pyragraph doesn’t currently have a budget for Sponsored Facebook Posts, so we need to shift gears towards other social media channels and other ways to reach you, our readers.

Email is an old-school, solid way for us to keep you in the loop with Pyragraph’s content. You can choose either daily or weekly digests so you won’t miss any of the best posts. We’ll also send out an email or two per month with news, event invitations and discount codes/special offers.

Thanks so much for reading this far. And many more thanks for actually joining our email list. And sharing this email with your network would freak us out with your awesomeness. We need your help—and we promise to pay you back with great content and deals.

About Queen Bee by Rebecca Pearcy

Queen Bee by Rebecca Pearcy

Founder and designer Rebecca Pearcy built Queen Bee from humble craft-y beginnings at her home sewing machine in 1996—way before Etsy, and while the Internet was still in diapers. These days Queen Bee is a Portland, Oregon institution where people come to watch its in-house crew of sewers visible from the retail shop and the street. Queen Bee makes messenger bags, bike panniers, diaper bags, wallets, phone cases and more, all made in Portland.

The 20% discount code that you’ll receive after joining our email list is valid only for online sales, and will expire on February 28, 2014.

With Burning Love,
Peri, Lex, Adam, Eva, Sage & the Pyragraph team

Fox photo by Neil McIntosh.