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The Lowdown on Business Legal Structures

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When you’re making money — even just scraps — from your creative work not as an employee of some other company, guess what: You’re running a business.

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Clarence and the Spoon cover page

Seven Steps to Survive a Long-Term Project

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For anyone who is stuck in a long-term project, or just starting one, I’ve put together a list of advice that, in hindsight, I wish I knew from the get go.

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Island driftwood

This Is the Job

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Boutique hotel on Bequia island in the Grenadines, southern tail of the Caribbean. Make mirrors. Make chandeliers. Of course, there must be negotiations.

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Pyragraph Brains by Edie Everette

Don’t Just Do Something — Sit There!


It’s rare when you get the time to just sit with your thoughts and do nothing else.

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