Call for Creative Residents

Profiled Artists - Pyragraph

Pyragraph would like to engage a rotating roster of Creative Residents for 1- to 3-month terms to help us develop our visual and creative content. We offer a small stipend and wide creative freedom, including the opportunity to promote your own work. We ask that you be willing to be a guinea pig of sorts as we develop our embryonic Creative Department.

Below we’ve listed the ways we would like the Creative Resident to help us, in rough order of priority, starting with the most important. You are not responsible for everything below; consider it a broad outline of the scope of work in which you can find your groove.

  • Develop original visual content such as memes to feature at Pyragraph’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), and, when appropriate, at
    • Some visual content should be based on images from editorial posts; review the editorial calendar and pick the best candidates, or take direction from Pyragraph editors as to which posts are a priority to push.
    • Other content can be completely original and not tied to editorial.
    • A good balance to shoot for is 75% visual content tied to editorial; 25% not tied to editorial. We’ll refine this as we go.
  • Suggest images for social media home pages, tied to Pyragraph editorial. We aim to have a new Facebook home page image once per week.
  • Develop in-house ads upon request.
  • Curate/share images/photos/videos on Pyragraph’s social media platforms.
  • Develop relationships with visual and video artists and pursue content-sharing arrangements.
  • Develop ideas for visually-driven features such as photo essays, digital art installations and features, videos, etc.
  • Suggest and, when appropriate/possible, implement ideas to maintain Pyragraph’s creative edge, visual aesthetic and innovative ways to maintain/increase our audience.


$50/month plus trade perks (beer, food, love, etc.).

Interested? Please contact Peri Pakroo.