Soliciting for January 2014: Edumacation

For January, please submit stories to Pyragraph about how education has (or hasn’t) played a role in your creative work/life, either from the perspective of being a student, being a teacher, or both.

From the student side, here are some guiding questions, but don’t let them limit you:

  • Did you go to school for your creative work? If so, did it actually benefit your career? Do you have advice for folks considering a similar educational track? A list of questions every aspiring film/photography/painting/music/design student should answer before sending out those nonrefundable checks?
  • Are you currently taking classes at a local college? Arts center? Online? Are you apprenticing? Tell us about it.
  • How did you choose your school? Did you have to move to go to your chosen school?
  • What kind of continuing education and/or workshops have you done in your creative field? Do you have experience with nontraditional education programs? Crazy colleges and models we haven’t heard of?
  • Has your education served your career? Waste of time and money? What could have changed it?

And from the professorial side:

  • Do you, or have you ever, supplemented your creative work by teaching? How did you get into teaching?
  • How does an instructional career suit you? What are the ups and downs of an academic environment?
  • Do you teach full-time, and pursue your creative endeavors part-time? Creative full-time, and teach part-time? Part-time at both?
  • Is your job impacted by your creative output?

Tell us your stories on navigating the educational waters. We look forward to your contributions! For more info about queries and submissions see the About Us page, and/or email Eva Avenue to request Contributor Guidelines. Note that we typically require a minimum of 3 posts from new writers, so if this month’s theme interests you, please consider submitting additional posts on other topics as well.

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