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Artists are Hot for Pyragraph: New Online Creative Career Magazine Lights Up

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico — Since February 4, 2013, a growing audience of career-minded creatives worldwide have been reading Pyragraph (, a new online career magazine for artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, writers and other creative workers. Pyragraph’s editorial mission is to provide entertaining, informative and practical content to help readers keep their creative fires burning.

At the heart of Pyragraph’s content are blog posts written by working artists, musicians, writers, and other working creatives, focusing on entertaining and practical information and advice. Pyragraph’s bloggers share their ups and downs, successes and mistakes, and the many stories that happen along the way. Handling client complaints, working with booking agents, managing self-doubt, juggling side jobs, being productive, and managing money are just a few of the practical topics in Pyragraph’s editorial scope.

Pyragraph also offers a Resources section with articles and sample forms from lawyers, business consultants and other professionals on topics including intellectual property, licensing, contracts, business planning and more.

All of Pyragraph’s contributors are paid, which is an important part of the magazine’s values and business model.

Pyragraph’s Publisher and Editor Peri Pakroo has a long background in publishing and in coaching creative workers and organizations. In 2012, realizing how often she referred creative people to each other to share expertise, she was inspired to create Pyragraph. Peri says, “I am so very excited to offer this set of resources for the huge audience of people wanting to pursue creative work, either full-time or on the side. No other resource combines the entertaining with the practical as we do.”

Pyragraph’s mix of authentic voices, informative and compelling articles, and career resources make it a must-read for anyone pursuing creative projects or careers.

Pyragraph is supported by sponsors including The Loan Fund, 516 ARTS, Marble Brewery, Farina Pizzeria and Gruet Winery.


Peri Pakroo, Publisher