Licensing Your Work to Music Libraries

| Los Angeles, CA, US | | 7 Comments

I have music spread out across several libraries, which took time to generate and organize.

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How I Quit My Day Job to Be an Artist: Part 1


In this four-part series, I unpack how I went from corporate slavery to creative freedom by quitting my day job and investing in my art career.

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Edie Everette cartoon

Another Gallery Reception: I Am An Artist #6

| Index, WA, US | | 0 Comments

From Edie Everette’s “I Am An Artist” series.

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How To Unwrite Writer’s Block

| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 0 Comments

Step away and build a birdhouse, and your story will be suddenly discernible. The birds will appreciate it too.

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Amelia Ampuero in SEND.

Why Filmmakers Should Learn to Love the Theater


Good theater-trained actors tend to work harder. This isn’t always true, except, yeah, it’s pretty much true.

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El Anatsui on the High Line walkway

Letting the Ideas Find You


I sat on that plane from New York thinking about the past and an idea popped into my head.

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Book cover comp

Book Cover Design and the Client


I’m a far better illustrator than I am a psychic, so I have to be ready to make the best out of any concept.

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Steal like an artist

They Say Stealing Makes for Great Art

| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 2 Comments

Art isn’t sacred; it is stolen and built upon and then stolen and built upon again and again.

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Sitting on my ass

You’re Not Going to Succeed Sitting on Your Ass

| Los Angeles, CA, US | | 4 Comments

Not like I know anything about acting, but doesn’t it take like 107 auditions before you even get one gig?

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Fabergenic (Model Organism) by Melissa Gwyn

Flatlanders at 516 ARTS Continues with Films, Talks, Workshops

| New York, NY | | 0 Comments

Upcoming events will further explore the themes of surface and texture highlighted in the Flatlanders exhibition. All are free unless otherwise noted.

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Art. Why Bother?


If a person is trapped in The Chair of Forgetfulness he is blind to the beauty of existence. It takes a Heracles to pull a person out.

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On Writing: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do Next

| | 1 Comment

When you’ve worked the same area over and over and over from nearly every angle, it’s time to either give it a big rest or go do something else.

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Temp score - Pyragraph

Intro to the Temp Score

| New York, NY | | 1 Comment

You can find instrumentalists for a cheaper rate if you find music students at your local university.

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John Williams by Pop Culture Geek

Oh John Williams, How You Make Me Feel Like a Moron

| Los Angeles, CA, US | | 2 Comments

It’s a bit funny when someone temps with the awesomeness that is John Williams, because no one can ever live up to that.

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My DIY Approach to Designing Prototypes


Time and time again I had to jerry-rig materials that oughtn’t have been fastened together in order to come closer to my idea.

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My Ampeg 8×10 Will Not Fit On My Bike

| Albuquerque, NM, US | | 1 Comment

The newest solution I have found is a designated driver service called Ride Guys who will drive you and your car home.

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