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Are you an artist, musician, filmmaker, or other creative worker looking for exposure for yourself and/or your projects? We offer two affordable ways to promote yourself on Pyragraph and Pyragraph’s social media channels with Branded Content:

1. Write for us as a Community Blogger. We are always looking for artists to share stories about pursuing creative work, and we often work with non-professional writers. Community Bloggers are not paid with cash, but with exposure and links via their blog posts and blogger bios.

Our format is first-person blog posts from working creatives. Within that format we offer wide creative freedom. Rather than traditional topic-based “objective” articles, we are looking for first-person blog posts (including photo and video content) about your experiences with your creative work, projects and/or career. Mentioning and promoting your shows, new releases and other projects is fine, as long as the focus of the post is on sharing experiences and information helpful to other creatives.

Acceptance is subject to discretion of Editors and posts must meet editorial guidelines; see our Community Blogger Guidelines for more details on our format and editorial scope. Email inquiries to

2. Buy a Profiled Artist feature. If writing isn’t your thing, for affordable fees Pyragraph can help you develop posts about your work, projects and/or career. Profiled Artist formats include Q&As and photo features using photographs and captions submitted by you. Interested? Contact Peri Pakroo at

Profiled Artist Rates

1 feature: $50
3 features: $135

How Pyragraph Extends Your Social Media Reach

Besides editing and formatting your Branded Content into professional, finished pieces you will be proud to share on your own, Pyragraph will also promote them widely on social media and help expand your social media reach. Here’s what we do for Sponsors and Profiled Artists on social channels:

  • Pyragraph will Like/Follow/Subscribe your pages/feeds/channels on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube (other channels are possible, i.e. SoundCloudPinterest, etc.).
  • Pyragraph will share your Branded Content on Facebook & Twitter 1x/week (schedule TBD).
  • Pyragraph will share your Facebook events on our Facebook page. More events listings benefits coming soon.

Image by Edie Everette.