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Looking for informational resources below to manage your creative projects and careers? You’ve come to the right place. Premium Resources are listed first, then Free Resources. Happy self-empowerment to ya!

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Invoice/Income Tracking Spreadsheet - Pyragraph

Invoice/Income Tracking Spreadsheet

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Having your hours, invoices and related info organized and easily accessible prevents you from being a hot mess with important money-related recordkeeping.

Free Resource

PyraGuide: Supercharge Your Vote!

It goes without saying there’s a lot riding on the November 2020 election and change isn’t gonna happen on its own. We are going to have to hit this one…

Pyragraph LIVE: Processing the Pandemic

How is the pandemic affecting us culturally, socially and psychologically? Host Peri Pakroo invited artist and mental health counselor (and artist/muralist) Andrew Fearnside, sociologist (and drummer) Ryan Goodman, and arts…
Arts Hub Artist Relief Fund - Pyragraph

Support Arts Hub’s Artist Relief Fund

Hey arts-loving friends! Albuquerque’s Arts Hub is raising funds for artists impacted by the pandemic. Donate at their Facebook page or at their website at
Coffee + Creatives Opportunities - Pyragraph

Coffee + Creatives Opportunities: 3.4.20

The opportunities listed below are pulled from our Facebook Group page and tend to be flexible and/or remote, though we will include some from our home state of New Mexico.
Coffee + Creatives Job Listings - Pyragraph

Coffee + Creatives Job Listings: 1.8.18

Welcome to the inaugural Coffee + Creatives Job Listings! We are pleased to bring you the latest in gigs, jobs, and funding for creatives around the world. Jobs and funding…
Piano score

Music Licensing 101

How do you get your music into the hands of music supervisors, those gatekeepers who decide whose music is heard during an episode of “Justified”?
Contract - Pyragraph

Contracts and Agreements 101

The more that you are actively working in your field — whether that means writing for magazines, playing music at clubs, hosting gallery events or building furniture for a hotel…

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