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Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

If you’re looking to promote your brand online to an audience of motivated creatives worldwide, Pyragraph offers quality, innovative exposure at a great value.

  • Advertising with Pyragraph means purchasing display ads. No muss, no fuss.
  • Sponsoring Pyragraph means purchasing display advertising PLUS Branded Content for those who want to share their brand via editorial or creative content.

Each is described in more detail below.


Pyragraph offers value-priced online advertising to help you reach creatives around the globe. Click the rate card below to see our rates. Contact us via message or at 505-453-3155 to discuss details and place your ad. Or, go ahead and purchase an ad at the bottom of this page.
Pyragraph Advertising Rates Fall/Winter 2015-16


Sponsors get not only display ads on our 1,500+ pages of evergreen content, but also Branded Content: editorial and/or creative coverage at Pyragraph (subject to our editorial guidelines; details below). We are an ideal promotional vehicle for businesses/nonprofits who want to share their message in an editorial or creative format.

Sponsor benefits include the following:

  • Sitewide display ads
  • Banner ads on posts in targeted categories
  • Branded Content opportunities (details below)
  • mentions in our email newsletter and our social media channels
  • discounted media development services through Pyragraph Studios
  • plus other valuable benefits.

Click the Sponsorship Levels sheet below to see our rates. Contact us via message or at 505-453-3155 to discuss whether your business or organization is a good fit as a Pyragraph sponsor, and other details.

Sponsorship Rates and Benefits - Pyragraph

What our sponsors are saying: 

“Our organization’s presence on Pyragraph has helped us reach our audience, and has provided excellent articles covering our programs. What Pyragraph is doing is highly relevant and current for arts and culture in New Mexico and beyond. The artists’ perspectives they bring to the dialogue is truly valuable and much needed.” —Suzanne Sbarge, Executive Director, 516 ARTS

“Pyragraph helps us reach into a different community, and more of the same community, for Tractor Brewing. We like to get in the minds, ears, and eyes of our artistic regulars, while at the same time coming across the screens of ABQ creatives that haven’t been to the Beer Farm. Pyragraph’s approach has been something that has worked for expanding our network in many ways.” —Carlos Contreras, Tractor Brewing Company


What’s Up With Branded Content?

TrafficStats_Feb2016Pyragraph is building a new model of online publishing, aligning artists’ needs for self-promotion and creative expression with Pyragraph’s editorial mission: To share entertaining and informative stories from working creatives, aimed at helping other creatives.

Pyragraph offers innovative ways to share your message with our audience of creatives.

As a Sponsor, you can place Editorial or Creative content at Pyragraph.com and on our social media channels. We’ll also help you develop that content so that it best and most effectively promotes your product, service, event, initiative or other project.

  • Editorial content: If your message fits within Pyragraph’s editorial scope, we will help you develop blog posts and/or features to run at Pyragraph.com.
  • Creative content: If your messaging needs would be better served via creative/visual content such as ads or memes, Pyragraph will help you develop that content and share it on our social media channels.

All Branded Content is developed to fit within Pyragraph’s editorial scope: entertaining stories and lessons learned shared by people working in creative fields, aimed at helping other creatives.

To discuss details, questions or ideas, contact Peri Pakroo at 505-453-3155, or via our contact form.

Videocast and Podcast Opportunities

Flame and Blaze Sponsors have the opportunity to present segments on Pyragraph videocasts or podcasts, such as Pyragraph LIVE (videocast), Self-Employed Happy Hour (podcast), and other shows as they develop.

How Pyragraph Extends Your Social Media Reach

Besides developing quality Branded Content you will be proud to share on your own, Pyragraph will also promote your Branded Content widely on social media and help expand your reach. We are most active on Facebook and have growing channels on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Our Branded Content isn’t pay-for-play and it’s not for everyone. We look for Sponsors who have stories to tell of interest to creatives. All Branded Content must meet our editorial guidelines.

To discuss whether you’d be a good fit as a Pyragraph Sponsor, please
contact Publisher Peri Pakroo.



Purchase Display Ads

Two ad sizes are offered for purchase below. After your purchase, you will be autoforwarded to a page where you’ll enter your information and upload your ad, along with your desired start date. We will run the ad within 5 days of receiving payment, your information and the ad file. More details:


Petite Square dummy

Petite Square Duration

Big Rectangle dummy

Big Rectangle Duration

  1. Submission of Ad file. Advertiser must submit its Ad built to the correct pixel dimensions and in JPG format; you will be directed to a submission form after purchase to upload your file. Pyragraph will run the Ad within 5 business days of receiving payment, Advertiser info and the Ad, whichever is later.
  2. Acceptance of Advertisements. Pyragraph may, at its sole discretion, reject any advertisements.
  3. Positioning. Positioning of advertisements on Pyragraph.com is at the sole discretion of Pyragraph. Advertiser acknowledges that Pyragraph has not made any guarantees with respect to usage statistics or levels of impressions for any display advertisement.
  4. Taxes. All Advertising fees are subject New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax (GRT). In the event that any federal, state, or local taxes are imposed on the creation of the online advertising or on the sale of online advertising, such taxes shall be assumed and paid by Advertiser.
  5. Indemnification. Advertiser assumes all risks and liabilities associated with its display advertisement and its content, and agrees to defend, hold harmless and indemnify Pyragraph from all suits, claims, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses of any nature — including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees — that arise from Pyragraph’s publication of Advertiser’s Ad.
  6. Limitation of Liability. Liability for typographical errors, wrong insertions, and/or non-publication, non-performance due to force majeure, and other disputes regarding the advertisement is limited to the amount charged to the Advertiser by Pyragraph for the applicable Ad. Claims for an allowance for such matters must be made within seven (7) days of the matters first occurrence. Site downtime of less than 10 total hours per month shall not entitle Advertiser to any refund.