Fear can really fuck up creative flow. The posts below share how our bloggers deal with that. 

Saint Anselm College - Pyragraph

The Rise and Fall of the Liberal Arts Luddite

I was a bookish, literarily-devout writing major. The type who read prose poems and flash fiction anthologies in the corner at parties, that sort of thing. And though I wouldn’t have admitted it then, one of the reasons I didn’t own a smartphone was because I was afraid of it.

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Tabatha Shaun - Pyragraph

My Perception of My Perception

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There’s a saying you’ll hear all over the arts world that goes, “If you like anything else, do that instead.” It can mean whatever you want it to. For me, it meant, “If you do something else, it’s because you failed at acting.”

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Pyragraph birthday cake - Pyragraph

Happy Birthday to Us, Whoo

I’ll be honest, the simple act of listing what we’ve accomplished makes me feel pretty great and makes me excited to contemplate what we’ll achieve in the coming year and years beyond that. Because, to continue being honest, I feel a palpable feeling of overwhelm.

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Dear Little Bobby - Pyragraph

Dear Little Bobby: Activist Or Artist?

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I want to create art which reflects my anger and to protest Trump, but then I will not be making the positive art that I originally planned for this year. I don’t want this fascist to be the reason I do anything, but I also don’t want to ignore what is happening around me. Which direction I should take?

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