Graphic Design

The world of graphic designers is as oversaturated as a heavily filtered Instagram photo. Finding a niche is often key to making a living. The posts below share stories and perspectives from folks working in graphic design and related fields.

Southwestness Holiday Bingo card designed by Samantha Anne Carillo - Pyragraph

Heading Southwestness Editor/publisher Samantha Anne Carrillo on hyping the hyperlocal and rejecting boredom in her own indie publication

Lisa Barrow and kiddo - Pyragraph

Southwestness publisher/editor Samatha Anne Carrillo shares the worldview and inspirations that drive her work: “In the real world, facts exist and science is real. … Since Southwestness is my own site, I have the freedom to report on our corner of the world based on my own perception of the world. There’s no question that this perception is still evolving and thank goodness for that!”

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Fish box (torobako) guitars by Stephen Faulk - Pyragraph

Torobako (Fish Box) Guitar Shop: A Primer

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All I wanted to do was make a cigar box-style guitar, and in this town there were no cigar boxes to be found. The next best box to find for free were the torobako, the crates used to ship sanma from northern Japan to southern ports.

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Vida - Pyragraph

Dear Rich: Should I Submit Fabric Designs to Vida?

Dear Rich: I built my business on printing my designs on fabric and making stuff. Now there’s a handy service (VIDA) that makes stuff with your uploaded design and sells it to others. I am just leery of any “catches.” Can you look at the licensing agreement?

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Evolution 01 - ADAM RUBINSTEIN - Pyragraph

Artistry Means Evolution

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Mastery means knowing in your bones what you donʼt know. It also means form is second nature—you didnʼt get up that mountain without learning how to hike. And it means youʼre free. When you come back down, youʼve been changed.

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Lorenzo Cafaro - Pyragraph

7 Tips for Solid, Effective Web Design

When you were learning design, professors likely told you to watch your color palettes, fonts and contrast. But don’t forget: The simplest things like button placement and choice of content features can make all the difference in whether or not a design works.

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Lu - Steinar La Engeland - Pyragraph

How Music Affects My Designs

Each type of music seems to have its own effect on me. For that reason, I don’t let iTunes play random music from my far-too-large library. Instead, I pick the music for the task at hand and then get to work.

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