Intellectual Property

The laws around intellectual property (IP) and copyright can be confusing. The posts below offer background information and analysis from experts, as well as real-world stories from artists who have found themselves tangled in IP.

Anita Ritenour - The Wreck Of The Edmund Peepsgerald - Pyragraph

Dear Rich: Can I Stream My Cover Song?

We’re not sure imitation is always flattery, but we are pretty sure it’s not infringement. Copyright doesn’t recognize style, vibe, feel, or genre, only original content (though that rule has been tested recently).

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Cloacas - Pyragraph

Music Makers: Cloacas

We began the piece in an atonal modal G# minor which happens to be four whole steps down from the actual key of the song. After a collective “gasp” the entire wedding party demanded that we be removed from the ceremonies.

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PyraCast: Private Art

When does art become invasion of privacy? I took a stab at exploring this and related questions in podcast form, with several excellent guests to help me.

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