In a world where everyone with an iPhone can take a decent photo, it can be very tricky to carve out a living as a professional photographer. These posts share experiences and insights from the field and related fields like independent publishing.

Evolution 01 - ADAM RUBINSTEIN - Pyragraph

Artistry Means Evolution

Mastery means knowing in your bones what you donʼt know. It also means form is second nature—you didnʼt get up that mountain without learning how to hike. And it means youʼre free. When you come back down, youʼve been changed.

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Hillary Clinton by Clarke Conde - Pyragraph

Backstory: Photographing Hillary

I began to understand some of the day-to-day challenges of the job of being a politician and I really began to feel sorry for Ms. Clinton. She must have had to do this same photo shoot with a pack of locals in damn near every county in New York.

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