All the romance, drama, blown-out tires, booking failures and packing triumphs involved in touring. Tales from touring bands, filmmakers, writers and others who take their works on the road.

Iska Dhaaf - Pyragraph

What’s Your Deal, Iska Dhaaf?

Try to find something real and honest within yourself and share that. Don’t be what you think people want you to be. Be prepared and rehearsed but don’t use the pre-packaged obvious stage antics. That shit is tired.

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Eryn Bent - Pyragraph

Music Makers: Eryn Bent

This was my fourth tour through the Pacific Northwest, and to see people from New Mexico in both Washington and Oregon was comforting and reassuring. I’m such a workaholic, and to see it pay off, even in the littlest of ways, is my fuel.

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