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PyraCast: From Artist to ‘Breaking Bad’ Set Decorator

Cast and Crew (including Michael Flowers, Breaking Bad set decorator)
Michael Flowers and the rest of the “Breaking Bad” crew and cast.

A roll of red toilet paper. A subterranean bus-turned-meth lab. The harrowing shell of a suburban family home taken over by squatters and graffiti. Each image of the show “Breaking Bad” is the end result of careful deliberation, creative choices and meticulous execution by some of the top creative talent in the industry.

One of these artists is “Breaking Bad” set decorator Michael Flowers.

As “Breaking Bad” comes to a close this week, I was excited to interview Michael for Pyragraph’s very first podcast. We talked about how he got into the film and TV business and what led him to scoring such an excellent gig with this amazing Emmy-Award-winning series (congrats!).

Stay tuned for more PyraCasts in coming weeks! In the very near future you’ll be able to subscribe and download them at iTunes.

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PyraCast theme song by Billy Bellmont.

Crew and cast photo by Ursula Coyote.

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  1. I just listened to this again… Chris, Peri, and all you other lovelies at PYRAGRAPH… you all RULE THE EARTH. This is a great site and you guys do an awesome job. I love you, thank you for letting ,me play <3

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