About Seed&Spark

Seed&Spark is a crowdfunding platform for filmmakers that is creating a lush ecosystem for truly independent cinema. Seed&Spark’s fair trade model provides a unique experience for filmmakers and audiences alike in that it focuses on the symbiotic relationship between both parties. Through a media partnership with Pyragraph, filmmakers currently crowdfunding their films through Seed&Spark are sharing their experiences and lessons learned. Join them in building a fair trade filmmaking movement.

Posts by Seed&Spark

Pumped and Dumped - Pyragraph

Still Knocked Up

Filmmaker Kate Barton talks biologically about the elongated pregnancy of her film, “Pumped & Dumped,” currently being crowdfunded on Seed&Spark.

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Hysterical Historical HIllary - Pyragraph

Anatomy of My Yoga Shoot

Esther Friedman decides to forget about plans B, C, D and E, and stick to plan A as she shoots a scene for her web series, “Hysterical Historical Hillary.”

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